Im Gonna Finally Do it! (I’m gonna buy a motorcycle)

I have always wanted a motorcycle since I was 23. I dont know if it was the colorado air or the fantasy of driving into the mountains but I always wanted one. But a couple things kept me back from doing so. One the roads in America are nuts! they just are so the idea of being exposed just made me nervous. Secondly I didnt want to be that cleche of a “Dyke on a Bike” (pardon the phrase) but thats when I was insucure on who I was at the time. now 10 years on I have decided to give my insecurities and fears the middle finger and I’m going to do it. Im going to buy a Bike! and I know exactly which once

I’m going to get the Honda Rebel 500 motorcycle. This motorcycle is under 500cc which means I only need an A2 license to drive it. It also sits quite low and it simple sport/cruiser style so I won’t feel too far forward resting too far back. It’s just under £6000 pricetag wise and everywhere I read reviews it’s set to be a very good introductory motorcycle. 
Also after being an urban cyclist in London for the last year and a half I feel more comfortable riding along bigger cars and buses while being exposed on the road. Also having that ability to control and balance transfer nicely from a pushbike or motorbike.

It is my dream in the next five years after I get said motorcycle to finally make my pilgrimage to my homeland of heritage Ireland and trek what is called the wild Atlantic way. I’ve already started to come up with an itinerary thanks to the Ireland tourism website which I would highly recommend it is absolutely fabulous the most organised tourism website I have ever seen.

The landscape along the wild Atlantic way looks absolutely gorgeous and things like Game of Thrones and the upcoming Star Wars the last Jedi and also Star Wars the Force awakens all used this area is filming locations. Proving that New Zealand is not the only gorgeous place to film, and it’s a lot closer to get to than a 36 hour flight.

So a short entry for today but watch this space and I’ll keep you posted. hopefully said pipe dream is actually going to happen but I think it’s time to just finally stop being afraid and do what I want to do. But first things first I need to get lessons and license

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