2017 Brighton Thai Festival 

I had heard of this festival for the last two years but something always seemed to come up and we never had a chance to make it or the weather was crap. Well this August bank holiday weekend this year has been an absolute scorcher. So it was nice that the stars all seemed to aline and we could go.

First let’s talk about the tickets. We went ahead and got our Saturday tickets online and could easily have them in our apple passbook. But once we got there we still had to go to a que to get our name checked off. It didn’t bother me but I just thought it was funny to have an express entry when it wasn’t but easy peasy and we were in.

As we walked in we were greeted on the left to some Thai souvenirs and the ride sometime monks giving out blessings for a donation. Straight ahead of us were setups for photo opportunities with the tuk tuk and other kind of Oriental fans.

Various shopping stalls, souvenirs and food vendors circles around the park as the audience could sit in the middle and watch the various Thai entertainment. It was 2 o’clock and we were just in time for the lady boys stage show. I got lost in the very lip syncs to Lady Gaga and Beyoncé but I forgot an earlier life time back in America you would not see family is watching a lady boy on stage. So to experience this kind of open-mindedness was really exciting and something I sometimes take for granted now.

After the performance I made my way to the food stalls and got some spring rolls sticky rice and chicken sate on skewers. What I really liked and what my roommate pointed out was all the stalls had the same prices. There wasn’t one stall was more expensive than the other and you had to find the best deal it was all 1 pound here 2 pound there and it was really nice.

I made my way back to our group and we watch the help I am British get me out of here which was a food eating contest of exotic Thai food. obviously taking inspiration from the TV show I’m a celebrity get me out of here. They seem to drag on a bed because I don’t think they expected the volunteers to be willing to eat the various stages and rounds of food

Finally this performance came to an end and I returned behind us to watch the muai Thai demonstration. I was really excited for this because this is something I have dabbled in a little bit from time to time in my various martial arts explorations. However it became very apparent that the person MCing The demonstration did not have the best mic skills. Sadly I got bored and decided to try my hand at some archery. This is another thing I’m interested in partaking in taking up as a hobby I was able to get one really good shot close to the bull’s-eye within the other ones away in left field. Mostly because I was a wuss and was worried I’d snapped my arm with the bowstring.

At this point it was time for the raffle draw for it £1000 voucher from the travel agency but you could go anywhere in the world and to be honest as you can tell from this blog I would really enjoy that and would love to travel again. They call the number and it was 0009 And sure enough it actually went to one of the security staff of the event. Some people started shouting that it was rigged where it was achieved and the poor Thai woman was trying to explain to the audience that this was completely unplanned and that this gentleman was actually very deserving because recently he spent a long time in the hospital and you can tell from his limp that it possibly was a true story. Still think it was a little bit on fair but at the same time whatever.

After the raffle results I left my roommate with some friends that we met up while in the park I decided to check out these Thai coushins that I had my ion to possibly spice up the look of my room. There are so many funky shapes and patterns I wanted to take them all home but decided on the two smaller ones that you can see in the photo. I also got a small Buddha statue to put on my desk at work to help me remember to keep in mind my mindfulness something I’m trying to work on as well as a study Buddhism more and more.

Sadly one of the cushions highly mildewed and I didn’t have a chance to try to return the next day and replace it so hopefully I can wash the smell out if you’re not I’m kind of did myself out at 6 pound.

Eventually we said goodbye to my roommates friends we made our way to the bus and headed back to Hove overall I was really happy with the Thai festival it was small and quaint and certainly I’ll be doing it again but maybe skip the pillows next time.