First Bicycle Upgrades on my own – can I call myself an urban cyclist now?

Following my post last week about commuting and cycling my back brake cable snapped and I was forced to make a decison of do i take it the shop so I can get back on the road. Or do I do it myself. I’ve watched tutorials in the past on how to make repairs and I was confident I could do it, so that was my decision.

I headed to Evans Cycles to get new brake pads and cables and decided to change them from black to orange to make the bike pop a bit.

 I head back to my flat after I purchase some cheap wire cutters and start in the brake pads first. That way I could still check the connection point.

As you can see a year of commuting in London had taken its toll and the brake pads were warn to the nub. After some faffing and figuring out which order to put the washers and bolt I got the break pads on and the tyre wasn’t catching against them.

Feeling confident and happy with the brake pads I move on to the cables and do the front one first since that was the most intact unlike the back brake cable that was literally hanging on a thread. Got eveything threaded and in place and I was liking the orange cable casing. Only problem was the cable was sooo bloody long…I kept trimming it down until it was an appropriate length. It was looking good except for one minor detail…….

I didn’t realise the brake cable kit I got already had the wires cut for the back and front. I was so eggar and excited to crack on I didn’t check the lengths and assumed both were long and cut the back break cable by mistake and now I had a cable to short to do the back

I could have cried and was so pissed at myself that I made such a careless mistake…but after I was done swearing and throwing my temper tantrum I found a silver lining. At least I could do it and it work.

Next day I’m back at Evans Cycles in London now and get another cable and quickly get to work when I get home with game of thrones playing in the background and sure enough I got it in there no problem.

I even liked the little clear rubber spacers that came with the kit

There was just one more test to do…the road test. Because let’s face it having it work in the flat with you just spinning the wheel a few times doesn’t count until you read riding in traffic and avoiding silly tourists. And thanks be to the cycling gods it’s been a week now and all ok!

Not upgrading the twist shifter to a trigger shifter is on the cards. So watch this space because there will probably be some drama there too

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