What’s in a Name?

When I was in my freshman year of college I lived in a quad of dorms at Coffeyville Community College. I distinctly remember my roommate which we loving called “Fred” (her real name was Laura but she just finished playing Winifred in once upon a mattress) sitting on the floor looking up and the celing saying various nicknames and variations of my real name.

I was editing away on my PC a video for a student one act play and I really wasn’t paying much attention when she said “it’s a shenanigan”

I stopped on mid type and looked at her. “Fred that’s genius!” She looked at me blankly and I just responded “Shenanigen Films! That’s what I’ll call my production company! But I’ll spell it wrong since it’s not a Shannon film unless I spell something wrong in the credits”

She gave me a huge thumbs up and I went back to editing. It also served me well that with that improper spelling it also makes a google search very handy. Type in Shenanigen Films and almost 98% of what you find is mine

Well flash forward to now. 15 years later and this blog is a continuation of me Shannon “Shenanigen” Moran. I did have various tumblr like “Shenanigen Travels, Run Shenanigen Run,” you get the picture and it was just pointless and hard to keep them all straight.

So that’s why this blog is Shenanigen’s Adventures. Like I said in the previous post, I’ll cover all sorts of topics, and just use the lovely tagging and category function of this blog. Neater, and tidying

So that’s the back story. Next post will be some old adventures I’d love to add to this new platform