In the big leagues now

I have always had a website since 2005 which was a graduation project in my web design class my Sophomore year of college. I also from that time on had a blog of some stort, started in the days of Livejournal and Xanga (sadly deleted now after a fight with ex lover) but then moved on to tumblr. For me WordPress was always for the big boys, but I figured after 13 years it was time to finally step up to the plate.

So what is the blog about? well I have all sorts of interests. Primarily I am an Offline Film Editor, that currently works in Soho. I am in the heart of the VFX industry in London and get to see some pretty cool stuff. Of course I can not disclaim alot of stuff since its top secret, but love the prediction videos on youtube for various videos on Marvel, DC, and Disney Films.

But I am also big into sport and adventures, and when I say sport, sadly I am not this pencil thin blonde that i used to be. Yes age has caught up to me and now in early thirties I’m a bit chunky, but the love is still there.

Here I am going to document various adventures from runs – to nights out at quirky events all over the UK, and maybe even some from other countries sprinkled out as I hopefully eventually get out to travel more

If you like Cycling, Running, Hiking, Vlogging, and everyday sort of stuff That’s whats going to happen here. hopefully some fun and humour along the way. (no deep depressing stuff here)